1.1. Meeting someone for the first time.

Look at the pictures in the following presentation and try to answer the questions.

1.2. Words on stereotypes.

Watch this short video and try to remember as many words as you can.

Now write down the words that you remember. What do you know about stereotypes? Do you know the word?

1.3. Let’s see what you already know about stereotypes!

Try to answer these questions in pairs:

1. What are stereotypes?
a) A stereotype is a social organization which fights against racism.
b) Stereotypes are generalizations about persons based on their physical appearance.
c) Stereotypes are true descriptions of reality.
d) A stereotype is an exotic meal.

2. Which of the following sentences are stereotypes?
a) Only young people can be beautiful.
b) Only boys can play with cars, and only girls can play with dolls.
c) All teenagers are bad-behaved.
d) All of the previous.

3. Which kind of qualities do we often ascribe to an unknown person?
a) Only positive qualities.
b) Only negative qualities.
c) Both positive and negative.
d) We never ascribe any quality to unknown people.

1.4. Coffee or tea? An example of cultural stereotypes.

In this Glogster, you will learn some general stereotypes about British people.

1.5. Guess the word!

Fill in the gaps with the right word. You can download the activity here:



1.1. Glee characters.
You can download this activity here:

1.2. My Class blog.

During this unit, write a maximum of 50 words on your website about what you have liked or disliked, or about what you have learnt during each class. You should write it after every session, but it is not compulsory to do it every day. However, you will have to write a minimum of 3 entries. Don’t forget to start each entry with the date!