2.1. Stereotyping teenagers.

Watch the following presentation and discuss about the topics presented.

2.2. Watching a video

We are going to watch a video of a real TV show. Language is not adapted, so there might be things that you will not understand. Don’t worry.

After watching the video, answer the following questions:

1. Is Rachel happy with her role in West Side Story? In your opinion, is her position unfair?

2. Does Kurt tell his classmates that he is gay?

3. Why does Rachel believe that she is the best in the Glee Club?

4. Puck does not want to dance with his teammates, why?

5. Which stereotype does the team break during the match?

6. At the end of the video, is Kurt's father proud of his son?


2.1. Describing a fiction character.

Write a description of one fiction character of your choice (100-120 words). E-mail it to the teachers before the deadline.


2.1. My Class blog.

Remember to write about what you have liked or disliked, or about what you have learnt during each class. You should write it after every session, but it is not compulsory to do it every day. However, you will have to write a minimum of 3 entries. Don’t forget to start each entry with the date!