3.1. Becoming an expert on stereotypes.

All the students with the same number will work together in a group. You will read your text and become an expert on it with the help of your group mates. Later you will have to explain it to the other members of your original group without the text.

Here you will find the four texts to download after the class.

3.2. Sharing the information.

Now that you are experts on your text, explain it to the rest of your group and learn about the other texts. You must fill in the following grid while you listen to your group mates.

You will have to answer a test afterwards, so explain it the best you can and listen carefully to your group mates. You will have 20 minutes.

3.3. What have you learnt about stereotypes?

Answer this test individually. Circle the correct answer. There is only one possible answer!


3.1. My Class Blog

Remember to write about what you have liked or disliked, or about what you have learnt during each class. You should write it after every session, but it is not compulsory to do it every day. However, you will have to write a minimum of 3 entries. Don’t forget to start each entry with the date!