4.1. Introducing gender stereotypes.

Look at the following picture and talk in pairs about which activities men and women are supposed to do. Help yourself with the word cloud provided.



4.2. Collaborative writing.

Write a text in groups of three people maximum giving your personal opinion on the topic (100-120 words). Work collaboratively!


What is the picture about? What do women and men have to do according to this picture? Do you agree or disagree with it? Do you think that these stereotypes are still present in our society? Why? Have these stereotypes been challenged? Why?


Remember that the ideas should be organized in different paragraphs!

Once you have finished, e-mail us your text!

4.3. Co-evaluation.

Complete this co-evaluation sheet individually.

4.4. Mind map.

With the help of Webspiration, we are going to remember everything that we have learnt during this unit. All together we are going to complete a mind map. We have done the first ones. Now it's your turn!



4.1. Creating a mind map collaboratively.

Add more ideas to the class mind map. You have to do at least one contribution. And don’t forget to write your name on it!

4.2. My Class Blog.

Remember to write about what you have liked or disliked, or about what you have learnt during each class. You should write it after every session, but it is not compulsory to do it every day. However, you will have to write a minimum of 3 entries. Don’t forget to start each entry with the date!