C.1. Colors of the wind.

1. Watch the video clip of Pocahontas and pay special attention to the lyrics.

2. Now try to put the verses in the right order!

3. Listen to the song again and check whether the order is right or not.

4. Finally, let’s talk about the song! What is the song about? Which message is hidden in it? What does this song make you feel and think?

C.2. Become translators for a day!

In pairs, choose one of the following songs and translate the lyrics into Catalan. Don’t forget to e-mail us your translations!


C.1. Become translators for a day!

Finish your translation and e-mail it to the teachers.

C.2. My Class Blog.

Remember to write about what you have liked or disliked, or about what you have learnt during each class. You should write it after every session, but it is not compulsory to do it every day. However, you will have to write a minimum of 3 entries. Don’t forget to start each entry with the date!